Vacation. This simple word has the ability to significantly alter one’s mood just by hearing it. While each vacation may vary in terms of location, the way we feel after each vacation is typically the same. 9 times out 10  we are left feeling relax, rejuvenated, and all around happier.

Why is it that vacations produce such feelings? Research shows that the act of leaving our normal 9-5 lives behind and traveling to a sort of home away from home is necessary for our physiological and physical well-being. And after quite some time, many travelers find themselves returning to the particular vacation location they are most fond of over and over again. They travel back so often that they begin to consider purchasing a vacation home of their own.

If you find that you are currently looking or would consider purchasing a vacation home in the future, below are some tips to help make the process a little smoother for you.

When considering a vacation property, it would be best to seek out properties that align with your budget. Don’t make the mistake of buying a property above your budget. In fact, finding a property that falls below your budget would be best. This would help you to avoid the unnecessary stress of worrying about the monthly carrying costs, including but not limited to the maintenance of your vacation home.

Afterall, who wants to stress about their vacation home when the whole point of the property is to avoid that very feeling. Going in under budget will save you money and you can always opt to upgrade and move into a larger property in the future.

Location, location, location
Knowing the exact location of where you want your vacation property is without a doubt the most important part of this process. Before you can pinpoint an exact location you must first consider the following factors:

  • What will the purpose of your vacation home be?
  • How often will you visit your vacation home?
  • Do you plan to use this home as an investment property?

After carefully considering the above questions, you should be on the right track to making a proper location-based decision.

Rental income
If you plan on using your vacation home as a rental property in an area which is highly sought out by tourists, chances are there will be other rental properties in the same area and you will have to compete with them for business.

Be realistic when considering the price of rent and how many weeks out of the year you will be able to rent this property out. This may prove to be a difficult task so it may be best if you seek out the help of a local travel agency.

As with any major purchase, do your research and take your time! For more tips on real estate properties visit,