California is home to many possibilities of a natural disaster. Some of these natural disasters include but are not limited to landslides and fires. Regardless of what it is, the effects can be long-lasting, devastating effects. Here are some quick tips to help prep your family and your home:

Emergency kit
Communicate with your family and create an emergency kit which includes necessary medications. For example, to prep your real estate for a landslide, you will need to become familiar with the terrain that the real estate is located on.. Hills or mountain edges are prime locations for real estate to be impacted by a natural disaster such as a mud slide.

Keep an ABC-type fire extinguisher in the house and make sure every family member knows how to use it. If your home is in a suspected wildfire area, know in advance what you will need to take in the event that you need to evacuate.

You can prep for natural disasters by taking classes in first aid and disaster prep. Research your local disaster assistance website and view their class list.

Food and batteries
Try to always have and set of batteries, flashlights, and radio nearby. This will be most helpful if you find yourself in a situation where the power is out for any length of time.

Car maintenance
Keep your car fueled and have a change of clothes on hand. You should also be extremely knowledgeable in regards to the location of your neighborhood. This will be helpful in navigating your way to safety should certain routes be blocked.

In addition to knowing multiple routes, you should already have an idea of nearby shelters.

Homeowners insurance
Photograph your home room by room. This will be helpful in the unfortunate event that you need to file an insurance claim. Make sure your homeowners insurance is adequate beforehand.

Remember, in mind these disasters can happen at any time – day or night. By being prepared, you can save stress and confusion in the event of the worst.