Timothy Powers

Based in Alamo, California, Timothy Powers is a seasoned real estate professional with over twenty years of industry experience.

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Powers obtained his real estate license in 1989. By 1996, Timothy Powers had opened his own Alamo-based mortgage company, Paragon Mortgage Bankers, Inc. In 2005, Timothy Powers opened a franchise for Intero Real Estate Services, a leading broker of real estate in California. The company specializes in real estate sales, short sales, and foreclosures.

As President and CEO of Paragon Mortgage Bankers and past Intero Real Estate Services of Pleasant Hill & Alamo, Timothy Powers duties include complete operational and management of the entire real estate and mortgage banking operation. He also oversees the hiring and maintaining of staff and the sales force. Thus far, gross sales for both companies have exceeded $1.5 billion. Currently, Powers is Broker/Owner of Paragon Real Estate Services and focuses on foreclosures and investments that require value-added improvements.

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Powers has truly enjoyed his time spent in the real estate industry, helping those in the Greater Alamo, California community. For Powers, real estate is an incredibly rewarding career as you have the opportunity to help countless people find their dream home. Timothy Power’s has cultivated extensive relationships with clients throughout Alamo and surrounding areas while helping them with their mortgage and real estate needs. He has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions and uses this valuable experience and knowledge for each of his clients’ benefit.

Timothy Powers also enjoys the investment side of real estate as well. Having the opportunity to turn a rundown property into a piece of art, while employing a lot of people in the process is a major motivator for Powers. As an investor, he has successfully been involved in over 75 commercial and residential properties, developing and rehabbing them into their current standards.

Timothy Powers was inspired to pursue a career in real estate after witnessing firsthand how quickly a family can fall on hard times. Alamo’s Timothy Powers watched both parents, as well as a brother and sister, die of cancer.

“My sister was a single mom of four,” Timothy Powers recalls. “She worked as a nurse while enduring all of her medical treatment. It was so difficult for her, financially and mentally.” Watching family members struggle to pay bills while they were ill inspired Timothy Powers to help save others from possible foreclosure during tough times. These experiences set the stage for Timothy Powers to refocus his efforts on helping his neighbors in Alamo and beyond.

“I know given these harsh economic times, there are many sick people like my sister who are suffering through an illness and having to deal with the stress of foreclosure at the same time,” Timothy Powers of Alamo says. “This is where my mission was born.”

Timothy Powers’ family values dates back to his childhood in Kailua, Hawaii. After graduating from Punahou High School in Honolulu, he attended St. Mary’s College, where he received a BS degree in Business Administration. He later went on to received his Master’s MTS from JST, Santa Clara University, in 2016.

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